Signature Offer Strategy Session

Stop going back and forth in your head about your Signature Offer

Your Offer. Your Way.

Your clients tell you what they want.

They leave out - or really don't know - what they need. But you do, because you are the expert at what they're looking for.

You're giving yourself a headache trying to figure out how to give them both, without a ton of extra work. 

The Systems Prescription™️: Signature Offer Strategy session

  • gets all the deliverables out of your head and untangles your brain;
  • organizes them so they give your clients their wants and needs, in a way that feels great to you;
  • identifies complementary deliverables to add money to your bottom line;
  • avoids the mistake of stacking your offers with too many extras that overwhelm our clients and reduce our profit margins. aht aht, Sugar... we don't do that

Let me guide you through crafting an order that makes you the "you thought of everything!" hero in your clients' eyes.

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The fee for this session is $1,500

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